Shape Investigation Homework

Here is a description of the homework set this week to be handed in on Wednesday. 

  • Cut out 2 rectangles that are the same size
  • Draw a 3rd rectangle that is the same size but cut it diagonally in half from one corner to another
  • Using the 4 cut out shapes (2 rectangles and 2 triangles) how many different shape arrangements can you make?

On a separate piece of paper please sketch each arrangement you made carefully or draw around the shape you made.

There are only 2 rules you have to follow:

  1. Each shape you make can only have long sides against other long sides and short sides against other short sides (eg. You can’t have the shortest side of a triangle attached to the long side of a rectangle)
  2. Rotated shapes will not count as another arrangement

How many shapes can you make?

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