Year 5SL – End of an Era

Thank you very much for all of the presents and gifts today. It is really appreciated. I have had the best 2 years and it will be so odd not teaching this class next year. I will still keep an eye on all of you from next door next year! Have a safe and relaxing summer!

Mr Lagdon 🙂

Year 5 Maths

Yesterday in Maths we investigated whether or not it was true that the smarties in a tube only actually took up half of the tube. We worked in groups to decide how we could approach the problem and the range of different ideas were great! Some groups measured the tube and chocolates whilst others crushed smarties and one group even decided to cut up the tube and stick it back together as a cuboid to see whether this helped. This was a great introduction to our next few lessons on Volume.

Y5SL Homework

The class need to research either deforestation or the plastic pollution of the oceans. Research needs to be around the length of an A4 page. Research can be copy and pasted as later on during the week, the class will summarise and reword the research to write an article. Please bring in ready for Wednesday’s lesson.

Y5SL Homework

This week there is an area activity to complete on manga high and the spellings to learn and write into sentences are:











These will be tested on Thursday. Have a great weekend!

Y5SL Homework

There is an activity to complete on manga high that is linked to the learning on angles that we have done over the past week. Also, please write the spellings below into sentences and learn them for a test on Thursday.











Y5SL Homework

Following on from work done in English lessons this week, this weeks homework is to write a flashback from earlier in your childhood during part of a story which can be based on anything. The flashback must be triggered from one of your senses ie. a familiar smell or sound. You only need to write a short paragraph – this paragraph needs to begin in the present tense (before/when the flashback gets triggered) but then switch into the past tense (when describing the flashback).

This weeks spellings to learn and put into sentences are:






All of this is due in for Friday.

Y5 Saints Study Centre

Thank you to those selected year 5 children who returned their permission slips to the office today. If you haven’t already, they MUST be in school on Monday – if not you will not be able to go. As the children are out all day for Monday’s session, we will get the children back to their campus whether that be Park or Stirling. This may or may not be the case for the after school sessions; we will let you know once we find out.

The children should come to school in their uniforms on Monday but they need to have their PE kits with them as well. This is a great opportunity that the children have been given and this experience will be really beneficial for them. See you on Monday!

Y5 SL Homework

We were lucky enough to have a workshop with young writers/explore learning on Wednesday afternoon where we planned a story based on a quality that we have. For example, if you are a good swimmer you could base your story around saving someone by swimming a long distance. The word limit is 500 words and there are some great prizes to be won! The story should be realistic and based on real life – so no growing wings and flying or reading peoples minds however great those may be!

This weeks spellings are:






Please learn these and include them in sentences for Thursday.

Have a great weekend!