Y5SL Homework

This weeks homework due for Wednesday is to research an invention that was made during the Victorian Era. You can be as creative as you like! You could recreate a model of it or produce a sheet with text and images. It is up to you.

Also, could all children please bring back their accelerated reader sheets this week so that I can submit this half terms results and set targets for after Christmas. Thanks!

Y5SL Enterprise Week

If you have any lolly pop sticks or kitchen roll tubes could you please bring them in for our project this week. We will be selling everything that we make on Friday afternoon. If you know that you won’t be around on Friday you can send in money to make sure that you don’t miss out.

Y5SL Homework

2 parts to the Homework this week!

1. Write your spellings this week into sentences. See if you can include some examples of relative clauses and parenthesis.

2. For either Saturday or Sunday, write a diary entry about what you did that day. If you didn’t do anything exciting on either of those days, use your imagination about what you got up to! No more than 1 page please. All due for Wednesday.

Mini Homework Project

Art Composition

On a sheet of A4 paper children will draw part of a chosen rainforest creature and use mark making techniques we have taught them in school to add detail. Close observation and attention to the finer details will be the key to success.

Note to parents  

Before the children start the art task, lead them to watch a clip on youtube called “Austins Butterfly.” They have seen this in school but it’s an excellent teaching tool and will do no harm to watch it again. This will help you in supporting your children.

Environmental Science

First google “Layers of the rainforest” to find out about them prior to our lesson in school. Draw their own representation of them and label each layer. They can use materials to collage their picture or colouring pencils, water colours or just mark making. No felt pens please.

This project should be completed and handed in by Wednesday 5th May.

Thank you

Holiday Homework

Our new topic for next term is ‘Rainforests’ so in preparation for this we are setting the children a mini project over the Easter holidays. Please produce a 5 page, A4 booklet about 5 animals that live in the rainforest. Each page should focus on 1 animal and should contain equal amounts of pictures and text.

Some of the information you could talk about includes what the animal eats, where abouts it lives, how it is adapted to the rainforest and what its characteristics are. This should be handed in on Wednesday 20th April. Please don’t copy and paste large chunks of text, write it in your own words.

Have a great Easter break!
Mrs Lody and Mr Lagdon