Y5SL Homework

You need to write a story that is no more than 500 words. It needs to be set in a castle…you are not retelling Hamlet. It will need a build up and a problem that may or may not be solved.

Try to include:

Relative clause


Different sentence openers.

Higher level punctuation.

Due in 24th January


Today we begun our unit on Hamlet and looked at many of the objects that are involved in the story. We made predictions about why each object is going to be significant and used figurative language to describe them.

Y5SL Homework

This weeks homework due for Wednesday is to research an invention that was made during the Victorian Era. You can be as creative as you like! You could recreate a model of it or produce a sheet with text and images. It is up to you.

Also, could all children please bring back their accelerated reader sheets this week so that I can submit this half terms results and set targets for after Christmas. Thanks!

Y5SL Enterprise Week

If you have any lolly pop sticks or kitchen roll tubes could you please bring them in for our project this week. We will be selling everything that we make on Friday afternoon. If you know that you won’t be around on Friday you can send in money to make sure that you don’t miss out.

Y5SL Homework

2 parts to the Homework this week!

1. Write your spellings this week into sentences. See if you can include some examples of relative clauses and parenthesis.

2. For either Saturday or Sunday, write a diary entry about what you did that day. If you didn’t do anything exciting on either of those days, use your imagination about what you got up to! No more than 1 page please. All due for Wednesday.