Updated Homework

Due to many of the children having difficulties finding suitable resources with the homework set on Friday, we will work collaboratively on the task in the classroom.. Instead, they are to make an A4 poster explaining how to multiply numbers by 10 and 100 and divide numbers by 10 and 100. This is to be handed in on Monday 14th March.

Well being week

This past week was well being week and we completed many activities as a class to help develop our mental, personal and emotional health. We also looked at e-safety to help us stay safe online and discussed how the way we treat others can contribute and impact on their well being.

We made ‘all about me’ posters to give the children a sense of identity and discussed the different aspects of encouragement and how this could be promoted in our classroom environment. As part of P4C this week we discussed what made us happy, why it was important for everyone to be happy and what we could do to help someone who wasn’t happy.





Shape Investigation Homework

Here is a description of the homework set this week to be handed in on Wednesday. 

  • Cut out 2 rectangles that are the same size
  • Draw a 3rd rectangle that is the same size but cut it diagonally in half from one corner to another
  • Using the 4 cut out shapes (2 rectangles and 2 triangles) how many different shape arrangements can you make?

On a separate piece of paper please sketch each arrangement you made carefully or draw around the shape you made.

There are only 2 rules you have to follow:

  1. Each shape you make can only have long sides against other long sides and short sides against other short sides (eg. You can’t have the shortest side of a triangle attached to the long side of a rectangle)
  2. Rotated shapes will not count as another arrangement

How many shapes can you make?

Team Building Morning

Thank you to the Isban team from Santander who came to work with us yesterday. They talked to us about teamwork and gave us activities to complete to help develop our collaborative skills. During one activity the children worked in their groups to protect an egg so that it wouldn’t break when dropped. Other activities included guiding members of the class around an obstacle course by only giving verbal instructions and moving Maltesers around a circuit. The class really enjoyed the morning and are looking forward to taking the new skills learnt into other aspects of their learning. 

Spelling Quiz

Towards the end of last week, the class were quizzed on the first two columns of spellings from their list. We will be finishing off the list on Thursday and the children will then find out their results. Thank you for the effort for learning such a tricky list of words! 

Christmas Shopping

In our maths lesson today we used the Christmas Argos Catalogue to put together a gift list for our families. We had to use our calculators correctly to keep a running total to make sure we stuck to our £100 budget. Expect amazing presents this Christmas! 


Building Houses

We are well on our way to finish building our Tudor houses. When we covered the boxes in white paper we had to measure and cut carefully, before adding on our black wooden beams. 

A big well done to those that have finished and handed in their Tudor projects. We really need them all in by the end of the week. To celebrate our success, we will invite parents in at the end of one school day coming up to look at everyone’s projects.